Fabrication & Construction Services

Themed elements, engaging environments, and interactive opportunities in attractions, retail outlets, and restaurants increases the likelihood that patrons will be drawn out of their home and into your location. Background music, interesting props, live entertainment, and multi-media kiosks emotionally engage visitors, increase their time spent in your location, maximize spending, and boost repeat visitation. SRO can partner with you to deliver an experience above and beyond the expectations of your visitors.

  • Metals & Carpentry
  • Sculpting
  • Painting
  • Production

SRO’s metal and carpentry shops have many years of experience building challenging, creative, precise and durable specialty pieces. Everyday our fabricators balance the artistic demands of the designers with construction and durability requirements of the clients and owners.
SRO has state of the art equipment and the experienced artisans to operate it. Some of our fabrication capabilities include:
Metal: Welding in Steel and Aluminum, Plasma Cutting, Bending, Rolling, Braking and Shearing, Sculpting, Structural Construction, Theatrical Rigging and Flying, Custom Parts Fabrication, Themed Sign Fabrication.
Carpentry: Scenic Carpentry, CNC Cutting, Fabrication with Plastics, Furniture Building, Millwork, Laminates, Custom Installations, Themed Sign Fabrication.

SRO’s sculptors have created everything from small fish for a themed mobile in a retail environment to a 55’ tall robotic cowboy. They are comfortable in every technique imaginable from carved, cast and moulded plastics to concrete structures. SRO is equipped with the technology and talent to produce commercial grade sculptures for indoor and outdoor use under the most demanding applications.
Our sculpting capabilities include: Hand Carving and Sculpting, 3D Scanning Hardware and Software, Hot Wire Foam Cutting, CNC Foam Milling and Hardcoat Applications, Maquettes and 3D Digital Design.

Scenic and Faux Painting transports audiences to a place in time, a different location, and a new experience. We produce historical reproductions, murals, theatrical backdrops, attractions and themed environments. SRO’s scenic artists create backgrounds that are so detailed and realistic that guests feel immersed in their environment. These backgrounds establish the mood, setting, and can tell a story. Scenic painting by SRO will be customized to the specific needs of your venue. Whether on stage, in an exhibit, a restaurant, a cue line for a roller coaster, or in a retail shop, paint treatments by SRO will make your guests experience memorable.
Capabilities: SRO produces commercially durable coatings of all kinds for interior and exterior applications, including harsh marine environments. Specific capabilities include: Acrylic Scenic Paint using spray equipment and more traditional scenic painting techniques (brushes, sponges, rollers, etc…). Faux Paint and Textures, Trompe L’oeil, Old World Scenic Techniques, Muslin Backdrops including Transparencies. Scrims. Automotive Paint, Paint on Wood, Plastics, Aluminum, Steel and Drywall. Hardcoats including Concrete, Urethanes and Fiberglass.

Creating memorable experiences is our passion. Since 1996 SRO has been creating live entertainment shows for theme parks, special events, custom exhibits, and experiential marketing initiatives. Our in-house capabilities include: storytelling, creative writing, script writing, directing, producing, casting, audition tours, costume design, costume fabrication, wardrobe services, lighting design, video production, multi-media creations, and scenic construction. We partner with industry leaders and creative minds for stage management, choreography, custom music score, and any other elements needed to make your production a success. If you have a specialty project, and you aren’t quite sure who to turn to, turn to SRO. We can help.